Wincle School's Countdown to Christmas!

2020 has been a strange and stressful year. The opportunity to celebrate Christmas offers us a a chance of celebration: to come together and remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Each day from the first Sunday of Advent (29th November), we will be posting either a video, picture or sound clip of something that we feel is important at Christmas Time: we hope you enjoy it counting down to Christmas!

Mrs Massey's favourite Christmas carol is Oh Holy Night - it illustrates the true meaning of Christmas for her.  This is a beautiful version sung by Charlotte Church.  

Which Christmas carol is your favourite?  Please let us know in the comments and then we can see which is the most popular.


Charlotte Church - O Holy Night (Dormition Abbey 2000) - YouTube

Christmas is less than three weeks away. Spend some time decorating your house and your classroom with eco-friendly decorations. Make colourful paper chains by using recycled magazines!

One of my favourite things to do over the festive season is go for a walk with my family. 

Our tradition is to go for a walk on Boxing Day morning. We take a picnic and some warm hot chocolate and go for a walk. It’s great to get out in the fresh air and stretch our legs after all that yummy food on Christmas Day. What’s your family’s tradition? 


Mrs Cookson 🎄❤️

The wait is almost over, it’s Christmas Eve.
Today is a really exciting day with lots of last-minute things to prepare, presents to wrap and stockings to hang up.
Even though today is very busy and exciting remember to stop and think about the true meaning of Christmas. Give time to help out, share time with your family and friends and make time to give thanks.
Light a candle and prepare to welcome Christ, the Light of the World, into your lives
Join Mrs G by the fire and listen to her favourite Christmas poem.