Monday 27th June – Saturn and Jupiter’s residential to Edale

Thursday 30th June – Move up morning 9.30am – 12pm

                                   Jupiter completing a river study with the River Trust

Thursday 7th July – Mars’ summer walk Jupiter attending a cricket tournament at Pott Shrigley

Friday 8th July – Mars Class at Back Dane - Promise Auction 4pm

Tuesday 12th July – Move up morning: 9.30am-12pm

Wednesday 13th July – End-of-year Reports to parents

Thursday 14th July – I Sing Pop concerts at 2pm and 6pm

Friday 15th July – Twincle Story Cafe

Monday 18th July: Sports Day for Twincle and Mars 9.00-10.30am

                              Sports Afternoon for Saturn and Jupiter 1-3pm

                              Parents Evening

Tuesday 19th July – Jupiter Class walk to Three Shires Head

Wednesday 20th July – Y6 Party

Thursday 21st July – Leavers’ Service at 2pm