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Support for our families during the Coronavirus Pandemic


Updated September 2021:


The government regularly updates guidance for all schools to follow during the global pandemic which can be found here 

In response to this guidance, the staff and governors of Wincle CE Primary School have completed a comprehensive risk assessment which can be found here. 

In the event of an outbreak, the school have written an outbreak management plan which can be found here. 

To ensure that all staff and pupils are kept safe, the school's visitors' policy has been reviewed and adapted in light of the pandemic. This can be found here.

Catch-up Funding

This academic year, the Government has given each school a small amount of additional funding to support them in addressing any gaps in the children’s attainment that may have emerged due to the first national lockdown. Staff have been looking closely at their classes and have each identified a group of children who would benefit from some additional tuition in order to try and address some individual issues. A range of interventions and support has already been put in place and parents notified. We have extended the working hours of our Teaching Assistants so that each class now has at least two members of staff at all times: this allows for more opportunities for intervention and one-to-one support.

Please click here to see our Catch-up Action Plan


Our Approach to Remote Learning

Following the first period of lock down, an audit was sent to all families in the summer of 2020 to gain valuable feedback on how we supported our families during school closures. Here were the key findings:

















Different aspects of remote learning:

Individual/Family Self-Isolation: if a family are in self-isolation but the rest of their class is in school, work will be sent from either the teacher’s school email address or admin’s email each morning. Support from the teacher will be given daily and all work completed is to be either returned electronically or collated in preparation to return when your child returns to school.

Class Self-Isolation: each day will begin with a registration period from 9.00-9.30am on Microsoft Teams. This will provide an opportunity for the teacher to check in with pupils at the start of each day and explain the remote learning plan. A timetable will be issued and the children will receive English and maths lessons in ability groupings via Microsoft Teams. All other work will be completed by the children and returned either electronically or collated in preparation or a return to school.  

National Lock Down: each day will begin with a registration period from 9.00-9.30am on Microsoft Teams. This will provide an opportunity for the teacher to check in with pupils at the start of each day and explain the remote learning plan. All classes will have one live lesson a day (English or maths) via Microsoft Teams. Assignments will be shared with pupils via Tapestry (pupils in year one and below) or Teams (Y2-Y6). These will be marked and returned. Support or booster sessions will be organised to support pupils with SEN or those that are finding remote learning difficult. 
All pupils will receive a support pack in case of occasions access to the internet is restricted. Work books for recording work will also be sent. 

Remote Learning Strategy as of 6th January 2021 - click here

A code of conduct is in place in order to maintain our high standards of behaviour and to keep everyone safe. This can be found here.

The school has reviewed its remote learning offer and the review can be found here


Access to technology

We know that access to the internet is a challenge for some of our families and we are working to find solutions to this.  In some families, this is due to a lack of devices and wi-fi; in others there are parents working from home and multiple siblings managing timetables with only one device.  In the short term, paper packs of materials will be provided for any child who does not have access to any technology.

As a school, we are working to tackle these challenges flexibly and constructively.  We will keep you informed of new developments and would like to thank you in advance for your support.

During this second national lockdown, we will continue to endeavour to keep school open and as normal as possible for all our children as we agree with the Government that: “It remains very important for children and young people to attend school, to support their wellbeing and education and help working parents and guardians.”

We are though aware that this will bring with it some challenges over the coming weeks and we hope that you will continue to support us in doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our children, our families and the safety of our staff in school.

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