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Our curriculum is planned around a series of themes called drivers, which maximise cross-curricular links whilst ensuring rigour where there is a clear development in the learning of key skills. As a school we have identified the ‘curriculum drivers’ that personalise our curriculum. These have been chosen through consultation with staff – identifying the needs and interests of the pupils at Wincle CE Primary School. They are:

Physical, Mental and Spiritual Well-being
We are passionate about the health of our children. It is important to us that all members of our school community are healthy. Throughout life, our children will face many difficult challenges and need to have the mental and physical strength to be successful and happy. We want our children to lift their eyes from the screen to be excited by the real world, engaging in rich experiences to develop imagination. We will use competition to develop confidence and allow them to manage real risks by having fun and a little danger!
Our curriculum will provide opportunities for children to learn to respect and appreciate the diversity of an ever changing society. We aim to nurture confident, curious, independent children who are able to make responsible choices and have the ability to show empathy and compassion towards others. We believe in the power of the school community to change and enhance lives.

The Environment
We want to enhance and enrich our children’s understanding of their local and global environment by providing opportunities for learning beyond the classroom. They need to experience the richness of its diversity and show they care about its management and sustainability. We will aim to develop an attitude of care and respect, where children understand how actions and decisions impact upon the world.


It is vital that we nurture the natural curiosity of our children, enabling them to become independent, imaginative and enterprising. We will give children opportunities to think critically, by solving problems and making choices. Our children need to develop resilience, fueled by intrinsic motivation, to be able to deal with challenges across the curriculum and in life outside the classroom. Developing the skills to work independently and become resourceful will be key to this. We would like our children to engage and express their ideas in a variety of creative forms. We will give the children opportunities to be imaginative, to use experiences and observations to make connections in their learning and appreciate that learning can be accomplished in different forms.

We want our children to become eloquent orators, speaking with confidence and fluency in a variety of situations. We believe that helping our children find their voice is as important as them becoming avid readers or great writers and will work to broaden vocabulary and encourage talk in all areas of learning.

Christian values of hope, respect, compassion, integrity and perseverance.

Alongside these drivers, we also focus on our core Christian values of hope, respect, compassion, integrity and perseverance. Our curriculum runs with these values at the heart of all learning, regardless of subject: please see curriculum content for more information. 

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