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School Vision

At Wincle CE Primary School, all stakeholders have collectively created our school vision:

Each term, the pupils, staff and parents come together to work on our school vision and core values. We spend time identifying the meaning of each statement in our vision and learn about key people from the bible who have demonstrated such characteristics. 

In January 2023, the parents and pupils worked together to come up with ideas on how we can best achieve our vision in the future:

* create an enriching and outstanding rural education:

*lots of active learning                                                                                         *drawing workshop

*going to live experiences – theatre/museums/art exhibitions                    *Wincle walk

*more science experiments and science club                                                  *try different sports – like skiing

*more trips – football stadiums, museums and Edale                                  *more opportunities to work with artists

*make bird houses for the Peak Park                                                                *stay over at Back Dane

*learn how to garden and look after the school                                              *more cross-country challenges

*learn with the Peak Park                                                                      *bird spotting and learn the names of all the birds

*trips to the beach                                                                                               *ask Peak Park rangers to come in more

*teach each other what we already know                                            *learn about how we can look after Wincle more

*more campfires and marshmallows                                                                        *school allotment

* nurtures the whole individual: body, mind and soul:

*yoga sessions before starting work                                  *more singing and dancing, as well as more performing arts

*more dojos                                                                             *reading pet/therapy animal/school pet

*learn to play the recorder and other instruments           *more use of outdoor space

*get involved in nature and wildlife                                    *mix as a whole school more

*Y2 sleepover                                                                          *more opportunities for exercise

*grow our own vegetables                                                   *cook more healthy food

*more school plays                                                                *shower every day

*less video games                                                                  *warmups in class

*fidget toys                                                                             *time to drink more water

*My Happy Mind                                                                   *meditation

*more PSHE                                                                            *help each other

*easier access to sensory rooms

* inspires rounded, happy, courageous children:

*games in assembly                                               *wake up activities                                            *learning outside more

*more forest school                                               *visit London                                            *all classes to do the daily mile

*a visitor to teach children self-defence            *Lego club                                                         *swimming lessons for all

*continue to learn basic first aid                         *longer breaks                      *encourage everyone to try to new things

*more booster                                                        *bike ability                                                                *more computing

* encourages children who shine in all that they say and do:

*people to come in and show us more things                                                          *try new subjects/lessons

*more whole school activities                                                                                    *have treats for every 50 dojos

*have a golden table at lunchtime on a Friday for the star children                   *extra play

*more trips/sleepovers                                                                                                *each child helps to cook dinner

*the dojo shop to happen more often                                                                       *more rewards

*longer breaks                                                                                                               *chances to bake/cook

*whole school rewards                                                                                               *hearing from positive role models

*more learning about neurodiversity and disabilities                                            *keep fit

*pray with people when they are lonely                                                                   *kind hands and feet

*children to say the prayers in worship                                      *help the community know about the child we sponsor

*talk to charities that help people who don’t have a home

* encourages children to exhibit a passion for learning:

*science should be longer                                                            *more maths games

*messy experiments                                                                     *different PE lessons

*map work                                                                                     *more art

*more breaks to help us concentrate                                        *research the big bang

*painting                                                                                        *more times table grids

*football club at lunchtime                                                         *more clubs at lunchtime

*class to choose reading book                                                   *more committee meetings

*children to choose projects/topics                                          *more displays of our work

*showing mummy and daddy our work more                        *have a jotter to jot ideas in lessons

*have a break in the afternoons                                               *special days

*history days                                                                                *do homework regularly

*more interactive days                                                               *more practical learning

* encourages pupils to have a confident faith:

*watch more videos to understand the stories from the Bible                          *more visitors from our faith and others

*have more displays showing stories from the Bible like a church does          *more I Sing Pop

*more whole school work on our faith – Christianity                                          *Bible study group

*more lessons in church                                                                                           *invite people to join our worship

*visit places of worship                                                                                      *encourage people to join our community

*write prayer for Easter                                                                                      *celebrate more festivals

*create our own books based on Bible stories                                                  *act out stories from the Bible

*think about which parts of the Bible relate to everyday                                    *use more drama

*whole school faith day

* encourages pupils to display a loving concern for community:

*coffee mornings for local people                                                                *food parcels for all people and the elderly

*more involvement with local businesses                                                     *visits to learn about/help out at local farms in Wincle

*fun day at school to raise money for locally based charity                         *litter picking

*clean river initiative                                                                                      *inviting members of the local community into the school

*memory day of what Wincle used to be like – have pictures/memories display – can compare then and now

*ask others how they are                                                                              *Wincle post box

*more church services                                                                                  *ask local farmers for their products

*litter picking                                                                                                 *organise parking

*check on vulnerable members of the community                                       *become more sustainable

*solar panels on the roof                                                                               *plant more plants around school

*turn the fort into a wildlife area                                                                     *make posters

*go for walks and say hello

* encourages the pupils to show inclusive respect for all:

*group activities with all children from different classes like the saints’ groups

*ideas for games so everyone can play at break/lunch time and leaders to teach games

*team building assault courses                                                                    *a chance to show the class/school what you are good at

*opportunities to cook and bake

*teach people who struggle to communicate other ways of speaking: sign language etc

*have another diversity workshop                                                                 *appreciate people with differences

*more education about bullying                                                                    *more education about wildlife

*help people if they’re hurt                                                                            *promote using kind words

*more activities about friendships                                                                 *learn how we are different

Take a look at our photo gallery of photographs from our vision and values workshops:


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Do you have any ideas on how we can live out our vision? If you do, get in touch.

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