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'Shine Like A Star' Philippians 2:15

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

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A child or young person has Special Educational Needs (SEN) if they have a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special educational provision to be made for him or her'

(The SEND Code of Practice: 0-25 years)

At Wincle School, we believe that children don't just need to shine like stars, but need to shine in their own way. We take a strengths-based approach to identifying pupils' needs and nurturing their strengths to help them reach personal goals. As a small, family-orientated community, we are excellent at recognising when children would benefit from additional support, and providing the help needed to ensure that they continue to shine. We work closely with pupils, families and external professionals to ensure that we act in the best interests of the child at all times.

Key Principles:

- Child-centered: every decision made by the SEN team is made to promote the child's well-being, happiness and success.

- Family-focused: parents and carers are heard, consulted and involved in the process of supporting children with SEND.

- Multi-disciplinary: the school works alongside NHS and educational authority professionals to co-ordinate high quality support.

- Celebratory: we focus on what the child can do, what they enjoy and what their personal aspirations are. 

- Early identification: we understand that identifying (and, where applicable, diagnosing) needs as early as possible increases the child's prospects in terms of well-being and attainment. 

Areas of Need:

Pupils can be described as having a special educational need with regards to: social, emotional and mental health; communication and interaction; cognition and learning; sensory and/or physical needs.  

SEN Support

The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) is Emma Jones. We have a dedicated team of teaching assistants who support individual pupils through in-lesson support and interventions advised by external professionals. Class teachers assume responsibility for meeting the needs of the children in their class, with support from the SENCo. Quality-first teaching is the norm at Wincle School and inclusive practice is a priority.

Where a child is judged to be in need of additional support, the class teachers work with the SENCo and others to identify the needs and plan how best to help them. Support for pupils with SEN is delivered on a termly cycle of planning measures, implementing them, and reviewing them to ensure that provision is suited to a child's current needs. 


Partnership Work

At Wincle School, we work alongside a range of external professionals to co-ordinate appropriate support and ensure that staff are well-trained to meet needs. Our partners include:

- Cheshire East Autism Team (CEAT)

- Cheshire East Educational Psychologists

- Speech and Language Therapists

- Sensory Occupational Therapy Service

- GPs and Pediatricians

- CAMHS Learning Disability

- Visyon

The school engages with a range of support from Cheshire East. The Cheshire East Toolkit for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) is aimed at all educational providers and outlines the provision and support that Cheshire East Council expects to be in place in all educational settings which support children and young people with SEND in the Cheshire East area.  You can read more about this toolkit here: The Cheshire East Toolkit



At Wincle, we have an open-door policy. When parents and carers have concerns about their child's wellbeing and development, we ask that they communicate first with the child's class teacher, who may then seek the advice of the SENCo or headteacher. It is also possible for families to contact the SENCo or headteacher directly.

The SENCO can be contacted at or please ring school on 01260212592.

Our SEND Information Report can be found here.

Our Local offer can be found here

Our SEND policy can be found here.

You can read about our approach to classifying SEND, and staff responsibilities, here.

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