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At Wincle CE Primary School, we endeavour to provide all our pupils with both a well rounded and outstanding curriculum.  Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education is an important and necessary part of all pupils’ education, teaching our children how to develop knowledge, skills and attributes to manage their lives both now and in the future.  We aim to equip our pupils with the vital skills that will help them to stay healthy, safe and be prepared for life and work in Britain today.


“Schools should seek to use PSHE education to build, where appropriate, on the statutory content already outlined in the national curriculum, the basic school curriculum and in statutory guidance on: drug education, financial education, sex and relationship education (SRE) and the importance of physical activity and diet for a healthy lifestyle.” - National Curriculum


Key Features of our PSHE curriculum:


Our PSHE curriculum supports children to develop skills in the following key areas:


•   Drug, alcohol and tobacco education

•   Keeping safe and managing risk

•   Mental health and emotional wellbeing

•   Physical health and wellbeing

•   Sex and relationship education (SRE)

•   Careers, financial capability and economic wellbeing

•   Identity, society and equality

                                                                          PSCHE Curriculum maps:

              Reception/Year One 2022-2023                          Years Two/Three 2022-2023                           Years Four/Five/Six 2022-2023

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