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With a focus on outdoor, play-based learning using natural resources, Wincle Pre-School is a fun, nurturing environment in which little minds are allowed to develop at their own pace into big personalities! The community-run setting benefits from close ties with the main school: the children have school dinners and share lunchtime with the primary children; attend school events and have wonderful friendships with their older peers. 

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As well as having lots of fun and making special memories, we aim to help prepare your child for school in the best way we can and we do this through the Pre-School Preparing for School Pledge that will be in place from this September, 2022. We pledge to provide: 


1) A small setting which is able to provide a nurturing and engaging environment for each individual to flourish. 

2) Access to all wraparound care. Our breakfast club runs from 7.45am each day and All Stars is available till 6pm Monday through to Thursday. Families can use some of their 15/30 hours funding to pay for this.

3) An experienced member of school staff will work across the EYFS linking the pre-school to reception ensuring effective transition and sharing good practice.

4) For the pre-school children, there will be daily phonics sessions in line with the school’s phonics teaching policy. Children will be supported and taught at their own individual level and any intervention/support can be given at this early age.

5) Weekly sessions for the pre-schoolers to work with the reception pupils in the reception classroom and outdoor area so that the school environment is familiar to the children in pre-school and so that excellent resources can be shared.

6) 'Magic maths' sessions will be held in the Pre-School each day, which will help to support the children's development of early number skills.

7) Daily reading time with pre-schoolers having books to take home and share/read with their families.

8) Family Read sessions once a week, which will allow parents to come into the pre-school and work with their child on reading.

9) Half-termly Story Café events.

10) Weekly Forest School sessions linked with the school’s trained Forest School leader.

11) One formal PE lesson with reception once a week to support the children's physical development, but also their social interaction.

12) An opportunity to eat lunch in the hall with the infant pupils to become familiar with this very important part of the school day and time to play outside with the children after eating.

13) A weekly visit to church with the rest of the school to share in Celebration Worship

14) An opportunity to take part in school events such as the nativity, church services and trips.

To find out more about Wincle Pre-School, or to arrange a place for your child, contact:

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