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'Shine Like A Star' Philippians 2:15

Headteacher's Welcome

I started teaching at Wincle in September 2012 and have loved every minute of it. It is great to work with such wonderful children along with a dedicated team of staff. Being a mum myself, I know that there is more to a school than just an education and I firmly believe that here at Wincle, each and every child gets the best possible start in life.

We encourage and support our pupils to 'Shine Like A Star' in all that they do: their behaviour, in their relationships and with their learning. We encourage them to display our core values and live their life being the BEST person they can be. 


Sarah Smith, Headteacher


Meet Our Staff


Mars Staff
Mrs J. Gilman - teacher, EYFS lead

Mrs S. Smith - headteacher, DSL

Mrs R. Mollart - teaching assistant

Miss J. Williams - teaching assistant, All Stars

Miss E. Jones - SENDCO, DDSL

Miss J Kershaw - HLTA


Saturn Staff

Mrs N. Metcalfe - teacher

Mrs J. Kershaw - HLTA

Mrs V. Cookson - teaching assistant

Mrs K. Clack - teaching assistant


Jupiter Staff

Mrs L. Wilson - teacher, Curriculum Lead

Mrs H. Roberts - teacher, Curriculum Lead

Mrs G. Massey - HLTA, PSHE lead


Pre-school staff

Mrs A. Henshaw

Mrs M. Nesom

Mrs L. Walsh

Mrs S. Goodwin

Mrs K. Holmes



Mrs S. Lambert

Mrs W. MacLean


Mrs S. Lambert


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