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Ethos Committee

At Wincle, Christian values are at the heart of everything we do. Faith is something to be shared and our Ethos Committee work with Mrs Smith to decide what faith means to us, as a school, and how we should celebrate it. They lead assemblies to help us learn stories from the Bible and lead community initiatives like our advent collection for a local foodbank. 

Minutes from our September meeting:
The Ethos Committee decided to set up an initiative where they make a post box for use in school. If they spot a child feeling a little sad, they will send a cheer up note to them. They have also planned a Eco Committee The committee identified that lowering our carbon footprint is a target and they discussed ideas on how to achieve this. They want families to recycle more plastics and use teracycles at home as well as at school. The Christmas Games Day to raise funds for Phiona.

Minutes from our November meeting:

Our Ethos Committee have had a wonderful meeting this afternoon thinking of others at this festive time. They have planned to launch the #giftswecanallgive campaign with Picture News on Monday with the rest of the school. This will result in the pupils all giving each other a gift on the 14th December in a special worship - a gift that costs nothing.

The committee have also decided to help our school families by running a well-loved toy donation stall: they would like families to donate second-hand toys they no long want/need on Friday 9th December and then they will run a stall on Monday 12th December at 3pm for parents/children to come and help themselves to a gift for free that they can give to another.

It is so nice to see our pupils thinking of others at this special time.

The Ethos Committee wanted to plan an online advent calendar for the school community this Christmas. Their focus is to share their knowledge and understanding about what they have learnt about spirituality. The committee are cofnident using the vocabulary of 'wow', 'ow' and 'now' when it comes to reflecting on their own and others' lives, and they wanted to retell the Christmas Story using this knowledge. Take a look at our advent for this year:











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