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Our practice is entirely child-centered and our environment calm, caring and homely. Thus, our
children are happy and safe.

We support all children’s emotional, social and physical development, teaching children to care for
and respect themselves and each other.

A child’s learning and progress are not determined by their socio-economic background, gender,
ethnicity or any other external factor – high aspirations are for all.

Children, parents and staff learn together. Parents and carers are provided with the information and
knowledge required for them to be fully involved.

The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of our children, giving every child the opportunity to be
individual, creative and skilled learners in an unhurried environment.

The environment provides rich learning experiences for the children which complement and enhance
the curriculum. We use the outdoors as our learning and play-space, training the children to be active
risk assessors.

The learning culture equips children with the skills they will need to be successful learners in the next
phase of their development and beyond.

Staff take responsibility for their own learning, and CPD sees quality of care and learning continually

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